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Able 2 Shop A Seat PR30287

Product Description

This four wheeled trolley has been designed primarily for people with a disability such as rheumatism, arthritis, a bad back, neck, shoulders, feet, etc., who require a balance aid when walking. As the name implies, this trolley offers freedom and confidence to those who may normally be housebound, to do their shopping in the knowledge that they can stop and rest whenever they feel the need. When used as a seat, the four steel feet provide a firm, safe contact with great stability. Unique, retractable undercarriage operates when the handle is lowered, leaving four very stable feet on the ground. Extra thick soft rubber handgrips for arthritic hands. Adjustable right-height handle for comfortable walking position.

Height 570mm/22.5 inches

Handle height 870mm-1000mm/34-39 inches 

Width 355mm/14 inches

Depth 205mm/8 inches 

Weight 5.5kg/12lbs 


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