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Drive ST1 Scooter

Product Description

Whether you want to use it for nipping to the shops, or for putting in the car boot to take on day trips and holidays, the streamlined ST1 offers everything you need for simple, convenient independence.

The new streamlined Drive Medical ST1 is a great foldable mobility scooter is ideal for taking to the shops or out and about in the car or on holidays. The Drive Medical ST1 Mobility Scooter has a compact and stylish frame splits into 2 pieces and can be further split into 5 smaller pieces for effortless lifting. The battery can be charged on or off the scooter - so you can leave the scooter in the car and charge the battery in the house.

Puncture proof tyres and a 10 mile range makes this portable scooter the ideal choice for taking on holidays or just for nipping down to the shops. Despite being the lightest scooter in the range the ST1 has plenty of power to easily take you up slopes and hills, and is strong and stable for safety and security. The Scooter also offers a tight turning circle for ease of use indoors.

Large Scooter Bag Included 

Length 100cm/39 inches

Height 89cm/35inches 

Width 51cm/20inches 

Maximum gradient 6

Weight 40kg/88lbs

Heaviest component 14kg/31lbs

Maximum weight capacity 115kg/18 stone 


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