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Harvest Healthcare Viscoflex Mattress - P161MFPMHF/P161MFPMHF120

Product Description


The memory foam effect helps to improve the comfort and pressure relieving properties of the mattress.

The base layer, is a high resilience foam which prevents the mattress splitting and bottoming out over time.

Some features of this mattress include:

  • Visco-foam moulds to the shape of the body
  • Better pressure distribution which reduces trans-cutaneous pressure and improves circulation
  • Moulded foam with skin effect – resists tearing and crumbling
    P161MFPMHF 1990mm x 860mm x 140mm 20 Stone / 130kg
    P161MFPMHF120 1970mm x 1150mm x 140mm 42 Stone / 270kg

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