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Oppo Wrist Hand Splint 4182

Product Description

The OPPO Wrist-Hand Splint provides complete support to the fingers and includes a moulded metal palmer stay to position and support the wrist and hand.

The two unstretchable straps give greater stability to the wrist and forearm. The splint is padded with soft, breathable material that conforms comfortably to the forearm and palm.

This splint is available for both the left and right hand in all sizes.

Measure around the circumference of the wrist.

Small 5 - 6 ¾ " 13.1 - 17.1cm
Medium 6 ¾ - 8 ½ " 15.9 - 18.1cm
Large 8 ½ - 12 " 18.4 - 20.6cm