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Prism Fit System - 1102PHATPEF

Product Description

The Prism Easy Fit Gantry System ‘pressure fits’ between the floor and a structurally suitable ceiling at a maximum height of 2.1 to 2.8 meters, or 7 to 10 feet, providing a stable, reliable hoist track where a fixed ceiling track is not available.

When used in conjunction with a portable track hoist, such as the Prism CP200, the system is perfect for home care, allowing users to extend the time they remain in their own home by years.

It’s a cost effective solution that is simple to assemble – without the need for tools, has a safe working load of 200kg, which is approximately 31.5 stones or 440 pounds, and caters for the requirements of both the patient and caregiver, providing a safe and dignified experience for both.

The Prism Easy Fit consists of 6 main pieces that combine to make a sturdy semi-permanent structure that can be used without any structural alterations to the building.

Max Safe Working Load: 200kg
Minimum Useable Track Length: 1856mm
Maximum Useable Track Length: 2726mm
Minimum Unit Width: 2103mm
Minimum Unit Width: 2973mm
Minimum Ceiling Height: 2046mm
Maximum Gantry Height: 2750mm
Max Celing Pressure: 48kg
Total Weight (Boxed): 27.1kg
Unit weight (inc Trolley): 24.1kg
Track / Trolley Weight: 13.7kg
Upright weight (x2): 3.8kg each
Bottom Plate weight (x2): 0.3kg each
Top Plate weight (x2): 1.1kg each


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