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Serena Waterfall Back Rise/Recline Chair

Product Description

The classically styled Serena armchair is fitted with a reliable push button electric riser. This simple to use riser will gently raise you to your feet and lower you back into your chair, helping you to remain safe and independent. The riser action will also reduce the stress which would normally occur on your joints and knees when you get up and down.

Ensuring you relax in luxury
When you’re ready to put your feet up and relax, at a touch of a button the Serena will simply recline you into your favorite position. When you want to sit up again the chair will move you back into an upright position.

Width 39 inches

Height 45 inches

Depth 36 inches

Seat width 21 inches

Seat height 19 inches

Seat depth 21 inches

Weight capacity 25 stone 



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