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Harvest Healthcare Stand Aid Sling in Polyester - HSL510/HSL500

Product Description

The Stand-Aid Sling is designed to assist with the standing process using a hoist.

It is fully padded with non-slip mesh and adjustable body belt for added security.

This sling is only suitable for those who have a degree of weight bearing capability.

Comes with Hook and Loop pads to protect the sling from damage by contact with the Hook and Loop.

The labels on all our slings are woven, making the life of each sling longer as the label will not fade.

Our entire sling range is manufactured to a very high quality in the UK. There is extra stitching to increase the quality and safe working load.

Cleaning Instructions

Each sling can be laundered up to 80°C using a mild soap solution and then rinse.
Slings will air dry quickly in a warm room or in a normal manner.
Tumble dry on low setting only.
Do not place over a convector heater or steam pipes.
Do not use Biological detergents.
Do not use Bleach.
Do not use strong chemicals.
A faded label is an early indicator that the sling is subject to harsh/abrasive cleaning methods do not continue to use the sling.
All slings fitted with a ‘hook and loop’ body belt should have the ‘hook and loop’ square removed during laundering and refitted afterward.
This will significantly extend the lifespan of the product.

Safe Working Load: 400kg/62 Stone (Polyester)


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