Free Delivery On Orders Over £20.00

Lift Removal

Free Lift/Hoist Removal

We offer a completely FREE removal service throughout the North West of England for the following Patient Lifting Equipment:

Stairlifts including Straight/Curved and Outdoor – All Makes and Models

Ceiling Hoists – All Makes and Models

We also offer a removal service for the following equipment throughout the North West of England but please contact us by email or phone for a price:

  • Through Floor Lifts/Vertical Lifts
  • Steplifts – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Platform Lifts – Indoor and Outdoor.

On all occasions, when you would like us to go ahead and remove your lift, this can all be arranged and booked in over the phone during our normal office hours Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm (or by email if you prefer) We will arrange a mutually convenient date and time slot (A.M or P.M).

During Lift Removal, our engineers will remove the lifts in a timely manner, taking care not to cause any damage to property etc, and will remove all of the lift product from your property to dispose of as required/or for ‘Aline’ stock for reuse for parts – depending on age of equipment, etc.

(Note: No Free Removal If client wishes removal of the lift for them to keep the lift/store elsewhere, This Removal cost is £98.50 ex vat – Free Removal only based on ‘Aline Mobility’ keeping the equipment for spares/scrapping etc)


Lift Removal and Reinstallation

We also offer the option of Lift Removal and Reinstallation into another property throughout the North West of England – this depends on the dimensions of the stairs of the property you are hoping for the lift to be installed into. We can arrange a free quotation for this work, and to double check that the lift is suitable for the new property – please contact our office to arrange a mutually convenient time for our engineer to view the property where the lift is installed at present, and then to view the new proposed property thereafter.


Lift Removal and Reinstallation for Carpet Fitters

We also offer Lift Removal and Reinstallation for Carpet Fitters throughout the North West of England:

  • Straight Lift Remove/Refit for Carpet Fitters: £168.50 ex vat.
  • Curved lift Remove/Refit for Carpet Fitters: £224.00 ex vat.

Above carried out over 48hrs – or refit on a later date if client prefers.

All Makes and Models covered, and New customers are very welcome. Any queries or you would like to arrange a quote/works to be carried out then please don’t hesitate to contact our Widnes office on: 0151 423 3738.