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Able2 Kedley Advanced Elbow Support - PR79176

Product Description

The Kedley Aero-Tech Neoprene range offers a firm level of support for maximum compression and assistance; making them ideal for sports, stability and rehabilitation.

The comfortable and breathable neoprene supports incorporate a terry cloth lining and reinforced edging. These layers move moisture away from the body, which then keeps the user cool and comfortable; and the skin dry. The area being treated is able to function as normal in spite of the therapeutic warmth being provided by the neoprene layer.

Each brace is fully adjustable for uniform, tailored compression and support, and suited for use either right or left.

The Kedley Aero-Tech Neoprene Elbow Support has dual velcro adjustable fasteners to provide a comfortable and secure fit whilst ensuring controlled compression on the joints and muscles. This maximises stability to help aid in recovery of injuries and prevent further damage. The additional elasticated power strap enhances the pressure and stability on the lower elbow tendons and muscles.

Particularly suited to help those suffering with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer s elbow (medial epicondylitis), inflammation/swelling, elbow tendonitis and arthritis requiring elbow pain relief.