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Aidapt Pill Puncher VM926A

Product Description

Quickly and easily remove pills from their packaging for efficient everyday usage. This pill popper and remover can remove pills from the majority of packet types, and collects medication in the handle to enable the user to then place the correct pills in an organiser. With this product, the need to handle small and awkward pills is gone, making this pill remover suitable for users who may be living with arthritis and find it difficult to hold tiny pills. The design of the pill popper and remover is compact and lightweight to allow users to carry it easily and safely in a pocket or small bag, so it can be used at home or on the go. Ideal for individuals who require regular medication, this pill popper features a discreet and subtle design which remains unobtrusive and not overly clinical whilst still maintaining a high level of practicality, allowing it to be used safely and efficiently on a daily basis. Simple place the pack upside down between the popper and the handle, and use the non-slip grip on the popper to firmly press down on the packet so that the pill pops out and is safely collected in the handle.

• Plain and subtle design to remain discreet.
• Non-slip grip on the popper.
• Pills are safely collected in the handle.
• Ideal for users with arthritis or similar joint issues.
• An easy way to handle small pills.


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