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Auto Useful Sag Infill Cushion

Product Description
  • WHAT IS THIS CUSHION FOR? This cushion is specifically designed to fill in the sag that is inevitably found on collapsible wheelchairs. Used on its own or as a base for further cushioning this cushion makes any wheelchair or tired armchair base more comfortable, reducing numbness in the back side when sitting for long periods and helping reduce the symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain.
  • USE ANYWHERE:While principally designed for wheelchairs this cushion can also be used as an armchair seat booster restorer around the home increasing comfort and wellbeing.
  • PAIN RELIEF:The Sag Infill wheelchair cushion is the perfect choice to improve your wellbeing and health. With its high quality non deforming foam layer. This cushion helps relieve lower back and tailbone pain and can also help reduce the symptoms of sciatica, providing extremely comfortable sitting.
  • COMFORT:The majority of collapsible wheelchairs suffer from a sagged base making them uncomfortable causing buttock numbness if you have to sit for long periods. Your new Sag Infill cushion puts an end to your pain, making any uncomfortable sagged wheelchair more pleasant and softer to sit in, particularly when used in conjunction with one of our wheelchair cushions.
  • THE COVER & SIZE:The wipe clean cover on this cushion utilizes our soft faux leather material. The cushion is approximately 2 inches thick and 18 inches square.

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