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Handicare Disposible Cover On Roll ROMT1055

Product Description

EasySlide, disposable is a new, unbelievably versatile sliding mat that makes many common transfers, even heavy ones, easier for both the user and the caregiver. The practical, hygienic package contains a roll with up to 60 individual EasySlide mats for short-term use. That means many easy transfers with maximum hygiene and safety.


For turning and repositioning in bed, for supine and seated transfers, for repositioning in a seated position and for application of lifting slings

EasySlide, disposable is a thin, pliable and very easy-to-use sliding mat that can be used to facilitate turning and repositioning higher up in bed, for supine and seated transfers, and for repositioning in the seated position. EasySlide, disposable can also be used to lift the user’s legs in and out of bed, to assist dressing and undressing, and to facilitate application of a lifting sling.


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