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Handicare FlexiMove - ROML4011

Product Description

FlexiMove is primarily designed for moving higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers. In these situations, pulling is easier than lifting as the underside is smooth and slides very well in the bed.

 When lifting cannot be avoided, FlexiMove can be used for both seated and supine transfers

In narrow spaces and when there is no access to a mechanical lift, FlexiMove can be an alternative. The long FlexiMove, which is easy to place under the user, is suitable for lifts from the floor as it covers the major part of the user’s body. The robust handles and the padded board make the transfer safe and comfortable for both user and caregiver.

 Remember never to lift more than is legally permitted and appropriate for the individual’s ability.

Size 102x43cm with 4 Handles 

Size 112x53 with 4 Handles

Size 152x53 with 6 Handles 


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