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Harvest Healthcare Abduction Cushion for Knees - P9703B1HW

Product Description

Made from very light polystyrene micro-beads, the Abduction Block enhances both comfort and adaptability for the user.

The simultaneous use of the abduction block and cylindrical cushion achieves a comfortable Semi-Fowler position for the user. It also supports the dorsal position by firmly holding the pelvis and abducted areas in place thanks to the semi-circle cushion. Provides protection for the inner sides of the knees.

Positioning systems are increasingly being used as a preventative treatment for pressure sores. They provide a number of advantages as the user can be correctly positioned in order to fully or partially relieve pressure on a risk zone, significantly reducing friction and shear forces.

Simple to use, quick to put in place and provide valuable medical assistance.

P9703B1HW 620mm x 320mm

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