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Harvest Healthcare Integral Heel Support - P901T1HW

Product Description

Heel support made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect. The heel sinks into the memory foam and pressure in high risk areas is reduced.
The heel support is particularly well suited to patients with normal or slightly limited mobility.

Friction between the heel and the bed can often develop sores. The shear support reduces this, ideal for agitated patients or those subject to constant movement of the lower limbs.

Positioning systems are increasingly being used as a preventative treatment for pressure sores.

They provide a number of advantages as the user can be correctly positioned in order to fully or partially relieve pressure on a risk zone. They rectify severe postural issues, many of which are often also involved in the break out of pressure sores.

Simple to use, quick to put in place and provide valuable medical assistance.

P901T1HW 550mm x 25mm x 75mm

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