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Harvest Healthcare Viscoflex Mattress with Multi Bearing Surface - P161MFPPMHF

Product Description


The Viscoflex Mattress with Multibearing Surface has all the great features of the Viscoflex mattress with an added multi-bearing surface.

The multi-bearing surface enables better pressure distribution through the transfer of supports from the areas of low bearing capacity toward areas with high bearing capacity. White areas with low bearing capacity (softer foam) give increased prevention to areas at risk of pressure ulcerations (heels). Blue areas with high bearing capacity (firmer foam) are for areas of the body with a lower level of pressure ulceration risk.


This multi-material stratification provides perfect adhesion:

It does not split
It does not require glues or solvents
Perfect adherence of the two materials
Pressure Relief Risk Level: High to Very High
Made of high resiliency foam core (HR) with Viscofoam® (80kg/m3) providing comfort and preventing a sagging effect.

Anatomical shape for better support of the sacrum area, resulting in an increase of the contact surface with the mattress and thereby contributing to a reduction in the maximum pressure values.

Reinforced prevention against pressure sore on the sacrum region.

SIZE: 1990(L)x860(W)x140(H)mm
MAX WEIGHT: 20 Stone / 130kg


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