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Oppo Palm Brace ( 2084 )

Product Description
With a lightweight and breathable design, the Oppo 2084 Palm Brace is a step aside from the usual heavier neoprene based supports in the range.
The elastic structure of the brace makes it very versatile, ideal for supporting the complicated network of muscles and ligaments in the hand, relieving pain and avoiding further injury. 
Whilst not using the well known “heat retaining” method other products in the Oppo range use, this palm brace is still very effective and is among the most popular products we sell from the range.
It is advised that you do not wear Oppo supports if you have applied heat generating liniments or ointments to your injury.
Sizes: (Available for both Right & Left hands): 
Small: 5⅜″ - 6⅛″ (13.7-15.6cm)
Medium: 6¼″ - 7⅛″ (15.9-18.1cm)
Large: 8¼″ - 9⅛″ (18.4-20.6cm)

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