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Oppo Posture Brace With Steel Stay 2275

Product Description

The OPPO Posture Brace with Steel Stay is designed to correct poor posture, relieve upper back pain caused by kyphosis (curvature of the spine) or arthritis and prevent progressive deformity.

The elastic straps hold the shoulder back in proper position and stabiliser stays help improve posture and trunk alignment.

The triangle configuration correctly distributes pressure to the tip of the shoulder, while additional stays help reinforce back alignment and proper posture.

The OPPO Posture Brace is comfortable to wear with criss-crossing straps which provide more support and make the support easy to adjust. It is an excellent brace to correct poor posture and prevent slouching.

Measure around the scapula under arm.

Small 25 ¼ - 30 ⅛ " 64.1 - 76.5cm
Medium 30 ¼ - 35 ⅛ " 76.8 - 89.2cm
Large 35 ¼ - 41 ⅛ " 89.5 - 104.5cm
X-Large 41 ¼ - 46 ⅛ " 104.8 - 117.2cm