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WendyLett Combination Pack ROMP1615

Product Description

WendyLett Combination Pack - ROMP1615.

The WendyLett ROMP1615 Combination Pack comprises both a WendyLett Base Sheet and a WendyLett Slide Sheet providing an excellent turning system for both user and carer alike. This pack includes the WendyLett Base Sheet - 140cm x 200cm and the WendyLett 2Way Slide Sheet - 90cm x 180cm, which, together, help patients to turn in bed. The base sheet can be used by itself, or as part of a system, and has non-slip edges that reduces the risk of the user rolling out of bed but its middle section is made from a low-friction fabric that enables the user to turn over or move from side to side. When the slide sheet is used in conjunction with the base sheet for transfers and turning where a carer is required, repositioning of the user can be carried out with the greatest of comfort and ease. This allows the user to be moved and turned to the desired position with complete simplicity, whilst also preventing the user from sliding down the bed. 


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