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Etac MoLift EvoSling Comfort, Medium Back, Net 17226

Product Description

A full body support sling for users who need extra support

  • Supports the back and thighs
  • User can remain sitting on the sling
  • Durable and flexible polyester net with good ventilation

Support under the entire sitting area EvoSling Comfort MediumBack Net is a full-body support sling without split leg support and with a shoulder-height back. The sling gives the user support under the entire sitting area and is ideal for users with joint problems or high sensitivity to pain. The sling is positioned under the user in the lying position. It is made of polyester net, which provides good ventilation and can be left in the wheelchair underneath the user.

Adjustable sitting angle Multiple hoisting loops on both the head and leg supports allow the sitting angle to be adjusted. The sling has a red seam in the middle of the back to help ensure that it is positioned symmetrically.

Please note that due to Hygiene regulations we are unable to accept any returns on this item 

XS 1722610 770 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 17-25 830
S 1722620 900 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 25-50 860
M 1722630 1020 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 45-95 940
L 1722640 1150 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 90-165 1130
XL 1722650 1180 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 160-240 1200
XXL 1722660 1200 Polyester, PE-cellfoam 300 230-300 1260


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