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Liko Silhouette Sling, Model 22 Polyester Net

Product Description

Liko SilhouetteSling polyester net model 22 provides for a slightly reclined sitting posture and excellent support for the entire body, which is good for patients with reduced head and torso stability. It is a pliable sling which adapts to the body and requires minimal space in the wheelchair. The patient can hold the arms either outside or inside the sling. Silhouette polyester net sling comes with adjustable head support. Design and material make Silhouette Sling particularly suitable for lifting to moulded seats, since the sling is usually left in the wheelchair after the lifting operation is completed.

This makes it very popular in care and rehabilitation situations, where sitting shells and moulded seats are commonly used. Silhouette sling can also be used in bathing and showering situations. A properly fitted and carefully applied sling will give the patient an excellent sense of security, as well as a high degree of comfort. The pliable net polyester fabric allows body heat and moisture to pass through. The sling’s lift straps are always made of durable polyester and are very secure.


  • Good for patients with disabilities
  • Can be left in the chair after lifting
  • Provides support for the entire back and head
  • The patient holds his/her arms inside or out side the sling
  • A pliable sling in net fabric for lifting to shells and moulded seats
  • Extra small 44-62 lbs. 440 lbs.
    Small 55-110 lbs. 440 lbs.
    Medium 99-165 lbs. 440 lbs.
    • The manufacturer warrants all slings against manufacturing defects for three years from the date of purchase.
    • Parts under warranty will be covered at no cost.
    • Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale.
    • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions apply for warranty of this product.
    Please call us for Specific Details.

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