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Joerns Oxford Ascend Stand Aid OXF-ASCEND

Product Description

The Oxford Ascend Stand Aid is from the exceptionally well designed Oxford Professional range of hoists and stand aids, having been designed with the five key principles of moving and handling in mind.  1.) Get close to the load. 2.) Use a wide stable base. 3.) Ensure a comfortable firm grasp. 4.) Keep the spine close to neutral. 5.) Make sure movement is smooth. The result is a stand aid with a simple and safe design that is easy and comfortable to use, and when combined with the Oxford Ascends compact nature delivers a stand aid that is reliable, nimble and extremely manoeuverable and equally at home in either a private residential setting or a commercial operation such as a care or nursing home.

With its unrivalled range of movement, the Oxford Ascend Stand Aid can help transfer a patient from a low-seated position to a fully extended position with ease, and its active lifting motion was specifically designed to encourage more user participation, increasing the users activity level which ultimately promotes patient independence and well-being.

Powered Leg Positioning.

The Oxford Ascend Stand Aid incorporates two powerful electric motors which open and close the legs automatically, allowing improved access around furniture and other obstacles.

Adjustable Knee Pad.

The adjustable knee pad ensures optimum resident comfort and support during the lift process.

Removable Foot Tray.

The removable foot tray allows the Ascend to be used as a walking aid - great for patients that need walking rehab or training.

Superior Ergonomic Design.

Careful attention to product design ensures correct ergonomic usage, protecting both the patient and carer from injury at all times.

  • One Oxford Ascend Stand Aid
  • High quality and well designed stand aid
  • Compact and very easy to manoeuvre
  • Reliable, safe and comfortable to use
  • Lifting motion encourages user participation
  • Promotes user independence & well being
  • Mains battery charger included with purchase
  • Oversized handles for easy grip
  • Electrically powered leg positioning
  • Adjustable knee pads for user comfort
  • Removable foot tray for rehabilitation
  • Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Maximum overall length: 1100mm (43.3")
  • Minimum overall length: 1000mm (39.3")
  • Maximum overall height: 1710mm (67.3")
  • Minimum overall height: 1070mm (42.1")
  • Stand aid turning radius: 1320mm (51.9")
  • Ground clearance: 35mm (1.4")
  • Legs open - external width: 995mm (39.1")
  • Legs closed - external width: 630mm (24.8")
  • Total stand aid weight: 47 kgs (103lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 170 kgs (26.8st) 

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