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Oxford Stature Mobile Hoist OXF-STATURE

Product Description

The Oxford Stature Hoist is an outstanding all-round electric bariatric hoist that offers real flexibility and reliability. The Stature electric patient hoist is Oxford's flagship product and recognises the true needs of modern care with its practical and easy-to-use design. With a high maximum working load of 227 kgs (35st), the Stature is able to cope with even the most demanding of patient handling situations. Its lifting range is also superb, and enables it to out-perform many other similarly priced patient hoists.

Outstanding Lift Range
The Oxford Stature's outstanding lifting range enables it to cope easily with most everyday applications.

Superior Ergonomic Design
The Oxford Stature enters a new dimension when it comes to usability. Careful attention to product design ensures correct ergonomic usage, protecting both the patient and carer from injury.

Powered Base
Opening and closing of the legs is fully automated and leaves the carer free to focus on the individual needs of each user.

The Oxford Stature comes with a 5 year warranty as standard, giving you great peace of mind. This is a mark of the confidence Oxford have in the quality of their product.

  • One Oxford Stature Hoist
  • 5 year maufacturer's warranty as standard
  • Excellent lifting range and performance
  • Powered automatic leg positioning
  • Battery pack and UK charger included with purchase
  • Spreader bar included for use with conventional slings
  • Lockable castors for stability during use
  • Castors make movement between rooms easy
  • Suitable for bariatric use
  • Maximum hoist length: 1390mm (54.7")
  • Minimum hoist length: 1290mm (50.8")
  • Maximum hoist height: 2130mm (83.8")
  • Minimum hoist height: 1945mm (76.6")
  • Maximum height to point of attachment: 1975mm (77.7")
  • Minimum height to point of attachment: 675mm (26.6")
  • Minimum turning radius: 1550mm (61")
  • Legs open external width: 1630mm (53.5")
  • Legs open internal width: 1230mm (48.4")
  • Legs closed external width: 760mm (29.9")
  • Legs closed internal width: 640mm (25.1")
  • Total leg height: 110mm (4.3")
  • Ground clearance: 30mm (1.2")
  • Total hoist weight: 73.5 kgs (162lbs)
  • Maximum safe working load: 227 kgs (35st)



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