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Joerns Oxford Dipper Bathing Hoist with Ranger Commode & Transporter OP10013

Product Description

Oxford Dipper Pool hoist with Ranger Commode & Transporter 

The Ranger seat version is the most popular as it offers dignity to those service users who need extra assistance in a changing or bedroom before entering the pool.  An example of this would be if a hotel had a pool with Oxford Dipper Pool hoist and a guest wished to use the pool, they could then get dressed in their room and then be pushed to the pool side and transferred into the pool safely and without fuss.

The Oxford Dipper Ranger has been cleverly designed to aid users who need assistance approaching and entering the pool. The chair is reversed up to the Dipper pool hoist and the ‘T’ bar is connected to the back of Ranger chair.  The support person simply pumps the dipper until it locks into position and continues to pump, raising the service user up further, enabling the seat to detach from the Ranger chassis and leave the service user sitting in the seat section. 

When lowered into position in the pool, the service user can then float away from the Ranger seat if desired.

The process is carried out in reverse to lift the person from the pool, very easy, safe and convenient for both the user and support person whilst maintaining dignity.

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